Expand Your Closet Space
  • Easy to Use - No tools required 
  • Just hang on existing garment pole
  • Grow, Grow, Grow your closet space!
  • Strong- holds up to 75 LBS
  • Great for small Apartments & Dorms
  • Sturdy Durable Design
  • Easily reach garments from front, center, or rear!

Up to 3x More Closet Space!
Hang WOW is strong enough to hold up to 75 lbs.  Pile on those heavy coats & sweaters.
Hang WOW stabilizing bars keep clothes from sliding of by holding Hang WOW securely in place.
Hang WOW can also be used as a convenient drying rack for your fine washables.
Hang 3x as Many Clothes in the Same Space!

Hang WOW's unique three tiered design lets you easily reach garments from the back, center, and front without knocking garments off the hanger rod.

Hang WOW is perfect for helping to organize all your accessories.  Use it to organize  purses or belts or as a drying rack for all your fine washables.

Nothing takes up more closet space than those heavy winter coats. Hang WOW lets you hang all your coats in minimum space!